Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool # 8

What have I learned about the netbooks, ipods and other devices?  I have rented the ipod touch but it doesn't have a camera.  My daughter has a 4th generation and she can take pictures and little videos and then download them to the computer and some on itunes.  Using the ipod third generation has been so much fun!  I am so glad I have had it with me because of the WiFi capability everything is at my fingertips.  I have an itunes account on it and already had one from my desktop at home.  You can download apps that are useful to you.  You can look up podcasts and save a listen to them or watch.  I learned that even though the youtube is an ap you should put it on the last screen because students aren't allowed to use youtube.  I wonder if student tube is okay.  The netbooks have webcam.  They need to be recharged and you need to sign in and the first time you do it will take more time.  Students sign in with the network sign in and so does the  teacher.  It was suggested to give an overview with the students to understand how to use and proper usage. It was also suggested to train a few so they can help train the masses as they are experts to help others and help you manage the others.

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  1. Mrs. Ucles it seems we have to be updated with technology all the time because our own kids are bitting us up with it. I have 2 little ones and the oldest already plays a lot of games on the computer and he is only 3 years old. He is asking for a Nintendo DS so I just imagine in a few years what other things he would like to have. These tools are great to incorporate into the learning process and I think the kids love to see technology around them all the time.