Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool #5 Reflections

I went exploring literally all day!  You do know that you can get lost in these things and then look up at the clock and say OMGoodness it's that late already!  The dishes still need washed and the clothes also.  I haven't even thought about dinner and my stomach is on strike for lack of care!  So I went into this cool website called Stupeflix and I had at it!  I love it and what it can do but I wish there were longer songs for the presentation and I didn't like how long it took to download pics and then render it into a scrapbook!  Nonetheless, it is worth the time! It reminded me of smilebox but better.   I could easily see students using this tool to present their project as you can link to other pic sites to get videos and pictures to show what you have learned or to present new material say from like what you are reading or learning in a reflective metacognitive way.  I love it and it's easy, super easy to do!  The other website that I have lost myself in and spent hours and hours just playing around is Xtranormal.  It is such a blast for creating!  I see it for a great tool for revision with immediate feedback because when you write in the dialogue and get your actors you think it is great because you have it as such in your mind as a movie.  Then you get to preview what you wrote  and it doesn't fit.  This works with seriously considering your audience and how you want to say it.  You have to think creatively and critically to try to find just the write way or alternative way to write some words as they sound strange at times.  This could be used to show a reflection on what was learned or consider different scenarios and different points of view.  You could do a book review with this and many other applications.  It's endless if you have the time to let them go and explore!

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