Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool #6 Sharing ideas with Twitter

What do you think about the authentic teaching of writing? respond to 
I posted with the hashtag- the question what do you think about the authentic teaching of writing.  I will check in to see how many people respond to this in the days that follow to see if I used the hashtag correctly.  How would this be implemented in the classroom and with teachers.  Those who are following you on Twitter, you can make a hashtag about whatever topic and get immediate feedback.  Students and teacher with ipods and cell phones, net books and other devices can respond to what they think.  You can bring it up on the active board or projector to see what people are saying and this would encourage more discussion from all participants.  They can see also on their twitter immediately so it would encourage collaboration and authentic discussion. Informational literacy would be very important before engaging in this with kids.  Parents also can use the Twitter and see immediate updates and communication can be very fast and efficient.

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