Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool #6 Sharing through Skype

Sharing writing in the dual language classroom in English and Spanish | Skype Education via @skypeclassroom
I joined the educator's skype website.  I just Skyped today with a private account for the first time.  So joining the educator's site wasn't that difficult.  I started a project just to see if it has viability and will see if there are any teachers with whom I work would like to do this with me and another classroom outside of SBISD.  The idea has been sent out and am awaiting word from anyone else.  The project is to share writing in dual language throughout the writing process.  I thought that students could conference from skype about their piece of writing from any part of the writing process using conferencing techniques from Act of Teaching and espoused in the NJWP Abydos.  We'll see.

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