Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool #7 Skype Project and Google Docs

In the previous blog I stated that I sent out a project on SkypeSharing writing in the dual language classroom in English and Spanish | Skype Education  via .
 1. Content Objective: Given a previous days quickwrite in the writer's notebook or reading and writing connection quickwrite from today's book, TLW demonstrate understanding of writing about personal experiences by discussing and analyzing someone else's writing in a peer led conference by giving providing feedback in through Skype or googledocs.
I plan to implement it early in the first semester and during second semester if I can find some teachers willing to try this with me on Skype and with schools I work with.
The tools that I plan to use could be Skype, Google Docs, Blogger and Twitter.
I plan to collaborate with SBISD teacher that I will work with this year in 4th grade writing and find some others on Skype as I sent out the project.  These pairs can have students confer, collaborate and publish their writing as they go through the process together and give feedback in a positive way.  It's high in the heat level and it would be in mainstream and dual language classrooms.

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