Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship-Phew! I can see the finish line!

Three Things-No Four
1. Internet Safety
2.Cyper Bullying
3.How to use google search and advanced search to narrow the search.
4.To analyze and evaluate resources on the web for depth, credibility and validity.

I like the I-safe Website.  In fact, I subscribed to it so I can look at it even closer later.  I liked the preview for educators and curriculum given by grade level.  The videos from intellectual rights to cyber bullying are very information and a way to teach informational literacy and proper use ect. and tackle issues that we don't even consider.  I also  like looking at the txssc website which has the I-safe and the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.  I subscribed to her blog as well.

How would I teach it?
Basically I'd go to the SBISD Ed Tech website to see how it is suggested per grade level to teach certain topics that have to do with digital citizenship.  There are video to use and I-safe has a curriculum that SBISD is subscribed to.  I'd look over that to see which resources I would need.  I think I would start out finding out what the kids did the previous year and then make a questionnaire about digital citizenship taylored to age group and use informational literacy questions from the elementary Alan November training on the use of google.  From there, I would observe what the students are doing with technology the first and second integration project.  There I will get my data to taylor it to the kids needs.

How would I explain it to the parents?
I would create a presentation using different tools and allow the parents to use a few so they get an idea of how great it is to use technology or show some samples of some student products.  Then I would go to the data to show how we are changing in digital world and talk about digital citizenship and what I am doing and what SBISD is doing to create the digital citizen from websites such as I-safe ect.  It would be ongoing within newletters and twitter updates.

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