Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tool number 3 We'll See

I found some good sites to visit.  One is discover learning.  SBISD educators go there all the time and people have folders with videos saved and can be shared.  Here is one I picked up.  Frog in Your Throat
Another great place to go is schooltube.  Students can post their work there.  It rates high on the HEAT list for engagement and for real world use-bring it outside the classroom-going global.  Here is an example from this site. Amazing Butterflies....

What I remember about copyright and fair use?  You need to repurpose and add value to what you are doing in order to use any of the material.  It has to be less than the benefit for society and you can use partial not whole pieces for educational and presentation purpose!  Done!

Tool Number 3 Partially Part 2

I found some site to be particularly helpful like xtranormal.  This could be used in composition or story boarding. There are other great uses to be explored and it can go cross content.  Here is one of the movies I made based on my experience at the secondary Alan November Learning Symphony.  It is part reflection, humor and playing around with language.  This tool is so great for revision in many different ways.  When you produce this movie you have to constantly preview to see if the dialogue and movements of characters that you make will work.  I spent many, many hours revising, revising, revising and revising and no one had a gun to my head!  I was great fun creating and revising.  Remember, anyone can write but real writers revise!
The site is called . Here's the movie called Wiki Moments, Technological Fodder for the Soul
More in the next post.

Tool Number 3 Finally but partially

So far, so good!  Phew!!  Am trying out some new tools.  I have added two videos from you tube and I am still am trying how to crop videos.  I plan on trying it out and problem shooting later.  This is live!

Now I will move onto Gretchen Bernabei for your tastes!
And now I'd like to introduce to you one dynamic but crazy presenter and collegue, Alana Morris!

I had to include Alana Morris in all this too!  You go girl!  Enjoy!!!

Tool Number 2 Ending

Okay, I have gone to 5 or more blogs and have been a member of my collegues blogs and have commented.  I have trouble shot(don't think that is correct but what the hey!) (thanks Ro for the word, it's now stuck in my brain) my way through many issue and have discovered so much more.  We did  a lot of blogging and ninging in the Alan November Learning Symphony and so I was more familiar with this process.  As it turns out, for me, it's rather addicting.  I can loose myself in this easily.  It's great to see what others have to say and to comment. I am just waiting for some comments back.
So far, so good!

Tool Number 2 so far

I have enjoyed going to other people's blogs to learn from them and to comment.  Will follow up a little later with more as I peruse more blogs.  Through the use of blogs and nings we can build PLC to share ideas, reflect and learn together.  It's a social website and a learning website at the same time.  By reading other blogs and responding to them,  I can build and foster community instantly.  It's great to be feedback right then and there.  This way we don't have to wait.