Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tool Number 3 Partially Part 2

I found some site to be particularly helpful like xtranormal.  This could be used in composition or story boarding. There are other great uses to be explored and it can go cross content.  Here is one of the movies I made based on my experience at the secondary Alan November Learning Symphony.  It is part reflection, humor and playing around with language.  This tool is so great for revision in many different ways.  When you produce this movie you have to constantly preview to see if the dialogue and movements of characters that you make will work.  I spent many, many hours revising, revising, revising and revising and no one had a gun to my head!  I was great fun creating and revising.  Remember, anyone can write but real writers revise!
The site is called . Here's the movie called Wiki Moments, Technological Fodder for the Soul
More in the next post.

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