Monday, August 29, 2011

Voices Beliefs and Experiences

Chris Young Sayings

Beliefs and Experiences in English and Spanish for Writing-

Gloria con refanes-

Buscando entre mis recuerdos
Abrí un cuaderno de escuela
Y la sorpresa fue grande
Al ver que era mi abuela
Habían poemas de amor
Y con lujo de detalles
Pero lo que más me cautivó
Fueron todos sus refranes

Amor y fortuna (Resistencia ninguna)
A cada pajarillo (Le gusta su nidillo)
A canas horvados (No encuentra puerta cerrada)
A casa de tu hermano (No ir a cada verano)
A cualquier dolencia (El remedio es la paciencia)
A casa de tu tía (Entrada por salida)
A la cena y la cama (Sólo una vez se llama)
No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano

Seguía leyendo con calma
La tinta estaba borrosa
Quién creía que la abuela
Desde joven tan jocosa
Voy a seguir sus consejos
Antes de que sea muy tarde
Bendición a to' los viejos
Y a mí abuela Dios la guarde

En el país del ciego (El tuerto es el rey)
La cabra siempre busca (Pa' el monte)
En casa de herrero (Cuchillo de palo)

A padres ahorradores (Hijo gastador)
A quien le dan el pie (Se toma la mano)
A quién le duela una muela (Que la eche afuera)
Aquél amor viejo (Ni lo olvido, ni lo dejo)
No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano

A falta de mano (Buenos son los pies)
A buen Capellán (Mejor sacristan)
Al ojo del amo (Le engorda el caballo)
Al que mucho tiene (Más le viene)
Agua corriente (Sana a la gente)
Barco en varadero (No gana dinero)
Amor por interés (Se acaba en un dos por tres)
No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano

Y con ésta me despido
Espero tomes consejo
De los refranes de Abuela
Pa' que tu llegues a viejo 

12 or More Tools Now!

If you have a smart phone use the QR app so you can see what's there.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tool Number 11-Celebrate!

Favorite Tools?
I love Blogger! I also like the Voki, Blabberize, Xranormal, Skype, and Stupeflix.  I forgot Twitter also.
I would use Blogger to create and have student create class and group blogs around a topic to share ideas and give feedback.  They can embed and post their work with the different gadget and get feedback from their posts.  Just creating and improving the blog is awesome and adding personal pride and responsibility for quality of the product.  It's a process  in product!
I like Xtranormal for many reasons.  This would be for middle school but the students can create different point of view for characters and explain process that they are learning too cross content.  It's great for exploding ideas and seeing how they are coming out. You are the producer, writer and director!
Skype students and teachers can get other perspectives on their work and share ideas and give feedback to other teachers and students.  You could also bring in guest speakers to talk about processes like in writing or current research and experiences in Science/Social Studies.
Stupflix I loved because you can get images or your own personal videos and create a scrapbook like presentation. Could be used in LA for many different projects.
Twitter with the hashtag you could ask questions to get comments and feedback about what they are learning and they can see it instantly.  It creates a community of learners when all thinking is valued.  Students will want to participate more and add their thoughts because it's instantaneous!  You could also communicate with parents quickly!

I am stoked about all that I have learned.  This, for me, has been transformational and high on the HEAT level.  I have never done more this summer with technology.  It has been great as I am playing with the different sites and then when I really feel confident, then mind goes wild with the possibilities in the classroom.
I see myself doing more on the web personally and that helps me professionally.  I am starting to feel like a tecky geek!  I could probably work for the Geek Squad now! NOT!  With the Alan November Symphony happening at the same time, I thought my mind was going to explode but it was great!  I could see the possibilities and understand that we work and collaborate with this and it's okay to ask for help.  We are all learners.  I also learned that we aren't "doing" technology for the sake of doing it but that it would be seamless and purposeful so that students can choose different technology to show what and reflect on what they are learning and that they and we are learning together.  It's not isolated but in a global learning community!
We want our students to be engaged, challenged, see relevancy and go global.

Changes in classroom environment?  More ipods, netbooks, lap tops ect. It should be normal to have these tools and stations have always been a staple in elementary so I'd have to look it over so it's not isolated but a normal part of the classroom.

Yes, I have thoroughly enjoyed going through all of this!  I think that if you don't have fun with it and not use it in a personal way can you see classroom application.  People can say-it's good for this or that-but that means Jack to me cause I can see it the same way until I experience it myself.  It's great being on a journey where everyone is in chaos and we'll get there.  I am surprised that I could actually do it all and I don't want to stop just cause I checked this off my list!  This is for real.  I want to explore other tools and will frequent Atomic Learning and look for other staff developments as well as learn from my daughter, other students and my collegues!  It's not the end product that is important, it's the journey!  And so the journey begins....

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship-Phew! I can see the finish line!

Three Things-No Four
1. Internet Safety
2.Cyper Bullying
3.How to use google search and advanced search to narrow the search.
4.To analyze and evaluate resources on the web for depth, credibility and validity.

I like the I-safe Website.  In fact, I subscribed to it so I can look at it even closer later.  I liked the preview for educators and curriculum given by grade level.  The videos from intellectual rights to cyber bullying are very information and a way to teach informational literacy and proper use ect. and tackle issues that we don't even consider.  I also  like looking at the txssc website which has the I-safe and the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.  I subscribed to her blog as well.

How would I teach it?
Basically I'd go to the SBISD Ed Tech website to see how it is suggested per grade level to teach certain topics that have to do with digital citizenship.  There are video to use and I-safe has a curriculum that SBISD is subscribed to.  I'd look over that to see which resources I would need.  I think I would start out finding out what the kids did the previous year and then make a questionnaire about digital citizenship taylored to age group and use informational literacy questions from the elementary Alan November training on the use of google.  From there, I would observe what the students are doing with technology the first and second integration project.  There I will get my data to taylor it to the kids needs.

How would I explain it to the parents?
I would create a presentation using different tools and allow the parents to use a few so they get an idea of how great it is to use technology or show some samples of some student products.  Then I would go to the data to show how we are changing in digital world and talk about digital citizenship and what I am doing and what SBISD is doing to create the digital citizen from websites such as I-safe ect.  It would be ongoing within newletters and twitter updates.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tool #9

Why bring in technology to classroom?  Well it depends.  If it fits in seamlessly and is not there to do it because we just gotta have some technology, then it's a great idea.  Our world is changing and we need to change with it. The tools that are there to use from technology can help to engage students, allow them to connect, collaborate and bring their learning public in a relevant and rigorous way.  At the November training we looked at technology from different lenses and I loved the HEAT model with the rubric.  The HEAT rubric alllows us to analyze our use of technology and to bring it public through the tools and asking why are we teaching this and how does it affect my students?  Am I using the technology to please my administrator or am I using it as tool and thinking of my content first?
Why should we hold students accountable for centers in technology?  I'll answer that with a question.  Why are we using these stations to begin with?  If they are valuable and necessary for student learning and engagement, then all learning should have some accountability and reason to use it.  It's not there for the bling bling.  It serves it purpose and goes along with the content being taught.  If students aren't accountable for what they are doing then they will loose interests(some will) and if they think you aren't there sincerely caring about what they are doing then they won't care.  It goes with active participation and monitoring and checking for understanding.  You need to ask yourself, is this the best use of their time?  What are they supposed to learn from this experience and how will I know what they are learning?
Two games from the list that I liked are: the Learning Games and Thinkfinity.  I liked The Learning games because it's cross content and different grade levels. They have songs on there for science and the different processes to be learning.  Thinkfinity has some good literacy work and fun activities that are linked to read write and think website so you know it has to be good.  One game with creating comics!  Lots of ways to express your thinking that would be engaging.
Glogster and Creatly seem to be good apps for writing down your thinking and reflecting on what you have learned.  Students could work in a group of 2 to 3 to orally discuss what they learned and decide how to best present it and play around with the word and revise it until it says what they want then they present it.  Creatly you can create anything from diagrams to webs to whatever to share thinking and processes to share out with the class.
I don't know if they can use Twitter or Facebook but they could use those apps and make a page for their class to communicate with other classmates on what they are doing and learning.  They could create a page from a person in history and create their profile and then have them post what that person or character would do from a novel or critical essay.  Twitter they could be that person in character and tweet back.

Tool # 8

What have I learned about the netbooks, ipods and other devices?  I have rented the ipod touch but it doesn't have a camera.  My daughter has a 4th generation and she can take pictures and little videos and then download them to the computer and some on itunes.  Using the ipod third generation has been so much fun!  I am so glad I have had it with me because of the WiFi capability everything is at my fingertips.  I have an itunes account on it and already had one from my desktop at home.  You can download apps that are useful to you.  You can look up podcasts and save a listen to them or watch.  I learned that even though the youtube is an ap you should put it on the last screen because students aren't allowed to use youtube.  I wonder if student tube is okay.  The netbooks have webcam.  They need to be recharged and you need to sign in and the first time you do it will take more time.  Students sign in with the network sign in and so does the  teacher.  It was suggested to give an overview with the students to understand how to use and proper usage. It was also suggested to train a few so they can help train the masses as they are experts to help others and help you manage the others.

Tool #7 Skype Project and Google Docs

In the previous blog I stated that I sent out a project on SkypeSharing writing in the dual language classroom in English and Spanish | Skype Education  via .
 1. Content Objective: Given a previous days quickwrite in the writer's notebook or reading and writing connection quickwrite from today's book, TLW demonstrate understanding of writing about personal experiences by discussing and analyzing someone else's writing in a peer led conference by giving providing feedback in through Skype or googledocs.
I plan to implement it early in the first semester and during second semester if I can find some teachers willing to try this with me on Skype and with schools I work with.
The tools that I plan to use could be Skype, Google Docs, Blogger and Twitter.
I plan to collaborate with SBISD teacher that I will work with this year in 4th grade writing and find some others on Skype as I sent out the project.  These pairs can have students confer, collaborate and publish their writing as they go through the process together and give feedback in a positive way.  It's high in the heat level and it would be in mainstream and dual language classrooms.

Tool #6 Sharing ideas with Twitter

What do you think about the authentic teaching of writing? respond to 
I posted with the hashtag- the question what do you think about the authentic teaching of writing.  I will check in to see how many people respond to this in the days that follow to see if I used the hashtag correctly.  How would this be implemented in the classroom and with teachers.  Those who are following you on Twitter, you can make a hashtag about whatever topic and get immediate feedback.  Students and teacher with ipods and cell phones, net books and other devices can respond to what they think.  You can bring it up on the active board or projector to see what people are saying and this would encourage more discussion from all participants.  They can see also on their twitter immediately so it would encourage collaboration and authentic discussion. Informational literacy would be very important before engaging in this with kids.  Parents also can use the Twitter and see immediate updates and communication can be very fast and efficient.

Tool #6 Sharing through Skype

Sharing writing in the dual language classroom in English and Spanish | Skype Education via @skypeclassroom
I joined the educator's skype website.  I just Skyped today with a private account for the first time.  So joining the educator's site wasn't that difficult.  I started a project just to see if it has viability and will see if there are any teachers with whom I work would like to do this with me and another classroom outside of SBISD.  The idea has been sent out and am awaiting word from anyone else.  The project is to share writing in dual language throughout the writing process.  I thought that students could conference from skype about their piece of writing from any part of the writing process using conferencing techniques from Act of Teaching and espoused in the NJWP Abydos.  We'll see.

Summer Vacation-Ohio Style 2 Tool 5

Tool #5 Reflections

I went exploring literally all day!  You do know that you can get lost in these things and then look up at the clock and say OMGoodness it's that late already!  The dishes still need washed and the clothes also.  I haven't even thought about dinner and my stomach is on strike for lack of care!  So I went into this cool website called Stupeflix and I had at it!  I love it and what it can do but I wish there were longer songs for the presentation and I didn't like how long it took to download pics and then render it into a scrapbook!  Nonetheless, it is worth the time! It reminded me of smilebox but better.   I could easily see students using this tool to present their project as you can link to other pic sites to get videos and pictures to show what you have learned or to present new material say from like what you are reading or learning in a reflective metacognitive way.  I love it and it's easy, super easy to do!  The other website that I have lost myself in and spent hours and hours just playing around is Xtranormal.  It is such a blast for creating!  I see it for a great tool for revision with immediate feedback because when you write in the dialogue and get your actors you think it is great because you have it as such in your mind as a movie.  Then you get to preview what you wrote  and it doesn't fit.  This works with seriously considering your audience and how you want to say it.  You have to think creatively and critically to try to find just the write way or alternative way to write some words as they sound strange at times.  This could be used to show a reflection on what was learned or consider different scenarios and different points of view.  You could do a book review with this and many other applications.  It's endless if you have the time to let them go and explore!

Tool #5 Xtranormal movie

Wonderful Pets Part of Tool Number 5

Tool # 4 On My Way

You could share google docs with teams of teacher and staff to roadmap and create documents for the classroom.  Students could use google docs to work on projects and get feedback from other students and teachers as they go.  It's community feedback and efficiency.
The use of the form is quite fun.  As I was creating it I thought of other uses like feedback on curriculum or resources to add to other docs based on the data.  For instance if you had some respond to the question: What picture book would be great to teaching foreshadowing?  What picture book or text would be great mentor text for the use of exploding the moment or thought shots?  People could give their ideas and create a churro of resources for all to access.

Who are you favorite authors and why?